The area was settled in the late 1800's as a Danish community specializing in Kringle pastry - a gourmet treat which is the official pastry of Wisconsin and still grabbing the culinary attention of connoisseurs around the world!

Come take a leisurely, old-fashioned sidewalk stroll through the neighborhoods past century-old, traditional homes.  Saunter in to be seen at the upscale coffee house. Follow your nose to the nostalgic West Racine Danish bakeries making fresh Kringle, and take home a bag of pastry for breakfast tomorrow. Walk slowly for the first time this week, down the pleasant streets to visit shops that carry out-of-the-ordinary goods: children's books and toys, quality furnishings for your home and natural medicines.

Pamper yourself with a new hairstyle, spa treatment or a manicure. Splurge on a hot, fresh gourmet pizza for lunch. Find services from pet food and supplies to musical instruments, interior design and realty to shoe repair and those good old fashioned items and gadgets you haven't seen for decades!

Then, tell your friends you had a great time in


park... walk... eat... shop